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With Host Professor Joseph Schofer of Northwestern University.

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Repairing buckled pavement on Interstate 5 in Shoreline, WA, caused by 2021 northwest heatwave. Photo by Bruce Sounder, Wikipedia Creative Commons
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Overheated Infrastructure

Posted February 1, 2023, Length: 24:26

A hotter climate brings new challenges to the built infrastructure, stressing service systems – power generation and distribution and transportation systems – as well as structures. Are we prepared for these problems? How can infrastructure adapt to higher temperatures?

To understand both the problems and options, we talk with Mikhail Chester, Associate Professor in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment at the Fulton School of Engineering, and Director of the Metis Center for Infrastructure and Sustainable Engineering, at Arizona State University.

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Descriptions of photos at top of page, from left to right:
Bayonne Bridge, from Bayonne, NJ to Staten Island, NY; the Tom Moreland Interchange in Atlanta, GA; Dworshak Dam, in Clearwater County, ID; a transmission substation in Orem, UT.
All photos courtesy of Wikipedia.