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With Host Professor Joseph Schofer of Northwestern University.

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Photo of cable laying ship MV Decisive courtesy of Subcom, LLC
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Unseen Infrastructure: Submarine Cables

Posted August 3, 2020, Length: 17:17

People began laying undersea cables to carry telegraph messages over 170 years ago. Today, modern submarine cables connect all continents except Antarctica, and even in the age of satellites, their importance in delivering global connectivity continues to grow.

To help us understand the intricacies of these invisible links, we talk with Chris Carobene, Vice President of Marine and Network Construction for SubCom, which designs, manufactures, deploys, maintains, and operates undersea cables.

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Bayonne Bridge, from Bayonne, NJ to Staten Island, NY; the Tom Moreland Interchange in Atlanta, GA; Dworshak Dam, in Clearwater County, ID; a transmission substation in Orem, UT.
All photos courtesy of Wikipedia.